Our Services

Executive Search

EMEA Legal provides a range of search and selection solutions for global organisations seeking to recruit in-house legal professionals with niche skill sets. Covering Dublin, London and mainland Europe we source local talent and those requiring relocation.

With over 15 years of experience in sourcing and mapping legal talent, at EMEA Legal we pride ourselves in offering an exceptional quality of service with the efficiency of our results proven by our successful track record in sourcing at an Executive level.

EMEA Legal has achieved these results by implementing a variety of recruitment techniques alongside adding a personal touch in the process to ensure every candidate search is completed to our client’s satisfaction.

For further information on how EMEA Legal can assist you in your Executive Search please contact us via liam@emea.legal OR book an appointment via Calendly to discuss your hiring needs.

Find Talent

Whether you are a start-up business or a large multinational corporation, EMEA Legal are here to provide you with a personalised candidate search experience. For over 15 years, we’ve been connecting businesses with highly skilled legal talent across the Globe.

Our approach is straightforward – we combine our global legal network, recruitment expertise, and market knowledge to create the best possible legal recruitment and candidate search capabilities to assist with the growth of your legal team.

Founded by Liam Taaffe, EMEA Legal’s network and experience covers the entire In-House Legal Sector and covers positions ranging from Legal Counsel to General Counsel.

Our Process

Candidate Mapping

Candidate Mapping or Talent Mapping is a very useful method to source the best legal talent for our clients. Our mapping ​expertise offers ​precise insights and market intelligence into the overall structure of in-house legal teams​ and a detailed breakdown on compensation. All this data is achieved from over 15 years of senior-level legal recruitment, networking at multiple legal events and the use of innovative recruitment technology software.

Targeted Candidate Search

On completion of our mapping exercise, the next stage involves the delivery of a candidate target shortlist process which details a maximum of 6 candidates. The completed shortlist of candidates will be evaluated based on their genuine interest in the opportunity, ability to do the job, and cultural fit. ​ ​

For further information on EMEA Legal’s Search & Selection Service please contact us via liam@emea.legal OR book an appointment via Calendly to discuss your hiring needs.