EMEA Legal Referral Fee Scheme

€1000 (Euro) Vouchers

Sourcing top legal talent is what we do best. We believe that rewarding individuals for referring excellent candidates creates a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

As a result of our loyal candidates and business networks who share their positive experience with EMEA Legal, we have been able to consolidate and expand our operations. As an extra incentive, we offer a very generous referral with the value of €1000 in vouchers of your choice.

Terms & Conditions

– The referral fee will be granted once candidates have completed probation and are 12 weeks into their new role.

– If the referred candidate is introduced to EMEA Legal by more than one referrer, a first-come, first-served approach will be utilised.

– To partake in this scheme, candidates contacting us must indicate that they were referred to EMEA Legal by a referrer.

– As we have a very well-connected network of talented lawyers, in many instances referred candidates may already form part of our database. If we are already in contact within the preceding six months, the referral will not qualify as part of the scheme.

– In the case of a temporary/contract placement, the referral fee will be paid on a pro-rata basis according to the period for which candidates are retained by an employer (this is subject to a €1000 maximum gift value per referred candidate).

– Kindly do not recommend yourself as a referred candidate. While this may seem counter intuitive, we assure you that it has happened in the past.

– If referrers do not feel comfortable about receiving a referral fee, we will then offer a €1000 donation to a charity of the referrer’s choice. For further information please feel free to reach out to EMEA Legal.