Why you need to use an In-House Legal Recruitment Specialist for your Job Search

Beginning your job search is a daunting task. When it comes to finding the right In-House Legal Opportunity you may face challenges. Long application processes, cold messages from Recruiters or vague job descriptions leave you unsure of what you are applying for. 

It is also difficult to get seen by the right people. This is why you need to use an In-House Legal Recruitment Specialist in your job search. 

Working with an In-House Legal Recruitment Specialist from the start means you will avoid all of those pitfalls. Resulting in finding the role that was made for you without the painful process attached. 

How can EMEA Legal Help?

Here at EMEA Legal, we pride ourselves in a quality over quantity approach. We take our time to understand our candidates and our clients. By doing this, we only send the right people forward for the right job opportunities.

We start with an in-depth conversation with you about your career history and aspirations, understanding what is most important to you in a job and in a company. 

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have created strong relationships with our clients in cities across Europe and the UK. They work with us exclusively in their hiring process which means that we can put you directly in front of the hiring managers of industry leaders.

Our extensive global network enables us to place talented candidates with niche backgrounds and specialised skills sets in their ideal in-house role.

Another benefit of working with an in-house Legal Recruitment Specialist is that we will also provide you with expert advice along every step of the way.

You will understand exactly what to expect in the hiring process and how to prepare for interview. At each step we will provide you with real time updates as we receive them. We do the follow up work so you don’t have to. 

Our work within the Legal sector means we understand exactly what these in-house legal teams are looking for. We will guide you in a way that saves you time and provides you with results. 

By choosing to work with an In-House Legal Recruitment Specialist you will begin your journey to finding the perfect fit for you and expanding your career opportunities. 

Contact Us

If you are beginning your job search, book an appointment to speak with Liam for a confidential consultation to get started on your journey or send an email to liam@emea.legal.

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